The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Summer Weddings in Vermont (Part II)

Planning an outdoor wedding combines the beauty of nature with the joy of celebration. However, amidst the excitement of choosing floral arrangements and designing invitations,... Read More

Planning an outdoor wedding combines the beauty of nature with the joy of celebration. However, amidst the excitement of choosing floral arrangements and designing invitations, it’s easy to overlook some practical aspects that are crucial for a successful event. 

To help you navigate these potential pitfalls, here’s a guide to the don’ts of outdoor wedding planning. We covered the do’s in Part 1, so now we’ll talk about the don’ts of your summer Vermont wedding.

Don’t Forget About Permits

One of the most overlooked aspects of planning an outdoor wedding is securing the necessary permits. Whether it’s a public park, a beach, or even certain private estates, many outdoor venues require permits for gatherings, especially those that include structures like tents or entertainment such as live music. 

Failing to secure these permits can lead to a major wedding day mishap, including being asked to vacate the premises. Save yourself the headache and embarrassment by ensuring all your paperwork is in order well ahead of your big day.

Don’t Overlook the Menu

When it comes to your wedding menu, not all foods are created equal – especially under the summer sun. Heavy dishes can feel out of place at an outdoor summer wedding, and certain desserts (we’re looking at you, chocolate) can become a melty mess. 

Opt for fresh, light, and seasonal fare that will withstand outdoor conditions. Think chilled soups, refreshing salads, and grilled vegetables. And when it comes to dessert, fruit-based treats or ice cream can offer a delightful reprieve from the heat.

Don’t Neglect Wildlife Precautions

Vermont’s natural beauty comes with its fair share of wildlife, from charming deer to less welcome critters like ants. While a surprise visit from a deer might make for an unforgettable moment, battling ants or other insects will likely be memorable for all the wrong reasons. 

Take precautions by keeping food covered, securing trash in closed containers, and considering natural repellents to keep uninvited guests at bay.

Don’t Skimp on Lighting

As daylight fades, your celebration doesn’t have to. Adequate lighting is essential for safety and ambiance. String lights, lanterns, and candles can transform your venue into an enchanting nighttime wonderland. 

Just be mindful of fire safety, especially in dry summer conditions. Opt for LED candles or ensure real flames are contained and monitored.

Don’t Underestimate the Need for Restrooms

Last but certainly not least, adequate restroom facilities are a must. Nothing disrupts the festive mood like a long line for a single, subpar restroom. If your venue lacks sufficient facilities, invest in renting high-quality portable restrooms. 

Today’s options can include luxuries like flushing toilets, running water, and even air conditioning, ensuring your guests stay comfortable and happy throughout the event.

By keeping these don’ts in mind, you can avoid common pitfalls and ensure your outdoor wedding is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Remember, successful wedding planning is all about balancing dreams with practicality. With a little foresight and preparation, you can create a beautiful, memorable day that celebrates your love without any unwelcome surprises. 

If you’re ready to plan the special wedding of your dreams, contact us today and let us help you get started planning your big day in Vermont!