Vermont Wedding & Event Tent Rentals

Rain or shine, event tent rentals will keep you and your guests warm, dry, and able to enjoy all the spectacular views Vermont has to offer. From nautical vibes of the New England coastline to translucent views of the great outdoors, you’ll find the right tent for your wedding or event at Sperry.

Vermont Wedding & Event Tent Rentals

Outdoor doesn’t mean off the grid

You don’t have to sacrifice special event convenience and comfort for location. Combine the beauty of the outdoors with the modern amenities of today’s events. Enjoy hosting your wedding or event outside, while appreciating outdoor lighting, flooring, and more under the canopy of a luxurious, spacious tent.

Tent Rental Options

With tents in plenty of size, shape, and opacity options, you’ll be sure to find the one that’s right for your event. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, our experienced team is happy to help give you recommendations based on your unique event size, location, and theme.

At Sperry, we work closely with clients and event planners alike to help make your vision a reality. Contact us now to learn more about tent rentals for your event.