Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best: 7 Ways to Save Your Outdoor Event from Rain

We’ve all heard the saying, “plan for the worst, hope for the best.”  Nowhere is this truer than when hosting an outdoor event. You can... Read More

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We’ve all heard the saying, “plan for the worst, hope for the best.” 

Nowhere is this truer than when hosting an outdoor event. You can try everything in your power to ensure the forecast is sunny and bright, but you can’t control the weather. 

So what do you do if it rains on your wedding day?


When planning an outdoor event, it’s essential to consider the potential for bad weather. After all, Vermont can have fickle weather, which can spoil even the most carefully planned occasion with a sudden downpour or a surprise windstorm. 

Luckily, our tents are fully waterproof and can protect you and your guests from even the most severe weather. Made from lightweight sailcloth canvas or high quality clear nylon mesh covered in liquid vinyl, these tents offer superior performance and durability for all your outdoor events. 

So don’t let a little rain impede celebrating with your loved ones — our waterproof tents to keep you dry and comfortable no matter what nature throws you!


When it rains during your outdoor wedding, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Forest and foremost, it’s essential to have reliable tent rental flooring in place. 

This will help prevent slips and falls because of the accumulation of mud on the ground, ensuring the safety of your guests. Having a solid surface under your tent will also protect the underlying ground from erosion or other damage caused by heavy rain. 

Whether you are hosting a small outdoor wedding or a large outdoor festival, choosing the right flooring is essential for keeping things running smoothly, no matter what the weather may bring. So when it rains on your tent and event, ensure you have all the right equipment in place so everyone can stay safe and have fun!


1. Rent a Tent 

One of the best ways to protect your guests from rain is to rent a tent

Tents come in all shapes and sizes, so you will find one that will fit your needs. If you have a more significant event, consider renting a coastal clear tent. These tents don’t have any center poles, so you’ll have plenty of room for guests to move around. 

If you want a more intimate feel, consider renting a frame tent. These tents are cozy and you can decorate to match your event theme.

2. Set Up Rain Barrels 

Rain barrels are a great way to collect water for your plants or garden. But did you know they can also save your event from rain? Setting up rain barrels around the perimeter of your event space will help protect against flooding and mud buildup. Plus, they’re environmentally friendly!

3. Put Down Tarps 

Tarps are another helpful way to protect your event space from rain damage. If rain is in the forecast, putting down tarps before the rain starts will help keep your floors dry and prevent mud from tracking into your event space. 

Tarps are also great for protecting carpets or rugs from getting wet. Just be sure to secure them, so they don’t blow away in the wind!

4. Bring Your Furniture Inside

When it rains, grab some volunteers to move the wedding furniture inside quickly. Chairs, tables, and decoration items can all be moved into a covered area until the rain stops. This will help keep them from getting wet and ruined. Plus, it will free up more space inside for guests to move around.

5. Use Space Heaters 

If you have access to space heaters, use them! Guests will appreciate being able to warm up if they get wet while waiting for the rain to stop. Space heaters can also help dry out damp clothing or towels so guests can change into dry clothes if necessary. Just be sure to follow all safety precautions when using space heaters!

6. Serve Warm Food and Drinks 

Warm foods and drinks will help guests stay comfortable while they wait for the rain to stop. Consider serving items like soup, chili, hot chocolate, or coffee. If possible, set up a buffet-style line so guests can help themselves as needed. This will help prevent long lines from forming, and everyone will stay nice and warm!

7. Keep Things Moving 

Try to keep things moving as much as possible, even if it’s raining outside. This means having indoor activities or games available for guests to take part in. You could also hire a DJ or band to play music inside so people can dance their rainy blues away! If possible, stick to your original event schedule as much as possible. This will help make sure things don’t get too chaotic. 

Outdoor weddings can be absolutely beautiful, but they do come with a few more risks than indoor ceremonies. By following these tips, you can help minimize the chances of rain ruining your big day. 
If you’re ready to plan the special wedding of your dreams, contact us today and let us help you get started planning your big day in Vermont!

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