How to Keep Your Guests Warm at Your Vermont Tent Wedding or Special Event

There’s nothing worse than uncomfortable guests at an outdoor party.  Whether you’re planning a romantic outdoor wedding in the woods of Vermont or a unique... Read More

There’s nothing worse than uncomfortable guests at an outdoor party. 

Whether you’re planning a romantic outdoor wedding in the woods of Vermont or a unique corporate event to impress your guests, making sure everyone is comfortable and having fun should be a top priority. 

To ensure that chilly temperatures won’t dampen your big day (literally!), we’ve put together some tips on how to keep your guests warm at any tent rental event — no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. Let’s jump right in!


An outdoor tent wedding or event in Vermont can be a magical experience, but the temperatures can be unpredictable. The last thing you want during your special day is for your guests to be cold and uncomfortable. 

Luckily, there are several things you can do to keep your guests warm and cozy during an outdoor event in Vermont. 

1. Provide Blankets

Keeping blankets on hand for each guest is a great way to make sure everyone stays warm throughout the night. You can provide them as welcome gifts or even rent blankets from a local rental company. Either way, it’s a great way to keep your guests warm at an outdoor party.

2. Layer Up

Encourage all of your guests (and yourself!) to layer up with warmer clothes such as sweaters or jackets so that they stay nice and snug throughout the evening. It’s always better to have too many layers than not enough for staying warm in cooler climates like Vermont’s! 

You can even put a note in your invitation when mailed out to your guests, giving them a heads-up of what they should wear. Your guests will thank you.

3. Serve Hot Drinks 

Keeping your guests from feeling chilly during your big day is essential to ensuring everyone enjoys themselves. 

Consider providing hot beverages throughout the evening festivities, such as coffee, tea, cider, or hot cocoa. Serving hot drinks will add an extra layer of festivity and heart-warming charm. 

Plus, hot drinks can be served in a variety of ways — catered pot stations; printed, custom cups with the couple’s initials; or customized stirrers to create a romantic atmosphere while also meeting your guests’ practical needs! It’ll fill your wedding tent venue with warmth and merry faces every time a cup of something hot is poured.

4. Fire Pits

Nothing says “warmth” like an open fire pit! If you have access to one (or if you decide to rent one), having a fire pit near the tent will certainly help keep everyone warm. Be sure that responsible adults monitor the area at all times so that no one gets too close and gets burned.


5. Use Heat Lamps 

When hosting an outdoor event in Vermont during the colder months, renting heat lamps or fire pits is an excellent way to keep guests warm, comfortable, and promote a cozy atmosphere. 

Depending on the size of your gathering, you may need to secure multiple units to warm the entire group adequately. Adding these elements will not only help limit your worries about keeping guests warm, but it’s also an excellent way for everyone to enjoy every moment of your special event. 

Be sure to check with your rental company that heat lamps or propane heaters are available during winter and confirm pickup and delivery times.

6. Candles

For an extra touch of warmth, consider adding candles around the perimeter of your tent space or near seating areas where guests congregate frequently throughout the night. Candles are a minimal, yet classy, way to help stay warm at an outdoor wedding. 

Ensure they are placed safely away from any flammable materials so that no accidents occur! 

7. Drop the sides

Having guests seated in a wedding tent can be difficult if you’re hosting an outdoor ceremony during cooler weather in Vermont. 

To make sure your guests stay warm, it’s important to make sure your chosen wedding tent comes with sides that you can put up or roll down for protection against the cold air. During the ceremony, you can leave the sides up to allow in plenty of light, then have them lowered as soon as the sun sets and the temperature drops. 

Guests will thank you for ensuring their comfort even in more chilly conditions — they’ll never forget the enjoyable night spent amidst such cozy warmth!

Keeping your guests warm at an outdoor event in Vermont doesn’t have to be complicated. With these seven tips, you’ll have no trouble creating a cozy atmosphere for everyone attending your special day — no matter how cold it might get outside! 

So bundle up and enjoy every moment of your magical event under the Vermont stars with friends and family who love you most!

If you’re ready to plan the special event of your dreams, contact us today and let us help you get started planning your big day in Vermont!