Everything You Need to Know About Having a Tent Wedding Ceremony: 6 Wedding Tent Ideas & Tips

In recent years, tented weddings have become increasingly popular; and they aren’t going away in 2023.  A tent wedding is a great way to create... Read More

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In recent years, tented weddings have become increasingly popular; and they aren’t going away in 2023. 

A tent wedding is a great way to create an intimate, romantic atmosphere while still allowing your guests plenty of room to move around and mingle….all while enjoying the great outdoors in Vermont. But choosing between tented wedding options and planning the perfect indoor wedding can be daunting if you’ve never done it before. 

Don’t worry; we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to make sure your tented wedding is absolutely perfect!


Planning a tent wedding ceremony is an exciting and unique way to celebrate your special day. There are so many beautiful options for decorating and personalizing your tent, but the key to pulling off a perfect tent wedding ceremony lies in the planning process. 

To help you get started, here’s everything you need to know about planning a tent wedding ceremony in Vermont.

1. How to Choose Your Tent Size

The first step in planning your backyard tent wedding ceremony is choosing the right tent. You want to make sure that the size of the wedding canopy tent allows enough room for all of your guests to be comfortable and still have room to move around without feeling cramped. 

Be sure to factor in space for tables, chairs, food, drinks, and dancing. Additionally, it will also be helpful to measure out the space where the tent will go so you can get an accurate idea of how much room you have to work with. 

Your professional Vermont tent rental company will be able to help you with a clear estimate for your tent size.

2. Considerations for Decorating Your Wedding Tent

Once you know what size outdoor wedding tent you need, it’s time to think about decorations! There are so many ways to decorate a tented wedding ceremony. 

  • When decorating with lighting, try using string lights or lanterns rather than traditional overhead lighting fixtures if possible — it will give your space a more romantic feel for your special day.
  • Keep in mind that you can use fabric draping in place of walls if you don’t want to use traditional walls around the perimeter of the space.
  • You can also incorporate flowers or other natural elements into your decorating scheme; bringing the outdoors inside your tent will further illuminate the outdoor elements you love.
  • Finally, when selecting furniture for inside the space, choose lightweight pieces like folding chairs or benches that you can easily move if needed onsite during setup and breakdown.

You’ll also want to check out different styles of tents, such as sailcloth wedding tents or clear wedding tents, and decide which one best fits your vision for your special day.

3. Considerations for Weather with a Wedding Tent

Of course, one of the major advantages of having a tented wedding ceremony is that it provides some protection from inclement weather — but there are still some things you should consider when planning your Vermont event. 

If you’re having a summer wedding, consider cooling units and providing your guest with personal hand-held fans. Even during the heat of the Vermont summer, nights can be chilly and breezy, depending on your wedding venue location. That’s why it’s best to ensure you’ve also rented a roll-down or another type of wall for the sides of your rental tent. 

Wedding tents are also helpful as rainy day backups. Even with the added coverage, consider heating units or handing out pocket warmers, especially if your wedding is in the fall or winter.

4. Furnishing the Tented Wedding Space for Catering & Entertainment

Remember that both catering and entertainment may need to be housed under your wedding tent — so ensure there’s plenty of space for both. From staging for your band or DJ to space for a buffet, planning ahead will make for a seamless wedding day.

Another option may be to rent an additional, smaller tent for food preparation to give your catering team their own space. That way, staff can prepare the food and deliver it to your guests without the chaos of being under the same tent.

5. Don’t Forget about Restrooms

When planning a tent wedding outdoors, it’s essential to consider the need for restrooms. Making sure all your guests have access to washroom facilities can also make or break the success of your event. 

Renting restroom trailers can provide an easy and convenient solution to this problem that many couples face when hosting outdoor events. Luxury restroom trailers ensure your guests will have a comfortable experience and that the event runs smoothly overall. 

If restrooms aren’t already on-site at your venue, investing in restroom trailers for your wedding may be worth the extra cost!

6. Consider the Placement of Your Wedding Tent

When planning a wedding outdoors, it’s important to spend extra attention on selecting the right spot. Not only should you consider any amenities or services available at your venue, such as access to power and water, but you should also keep the view and scale of the tent itself in mind. 

The placement of the tent needs to be carefully thought through so that guests can see the beauty of their surroundings, while still comfortably fitting into the space that’s available. You don’t want your special day obscured by too large a wedding tent, so plan ahead with the first step (choosing the right size tent). Find the perfect balance between both elements, and make sure there is plenty of room for all your guests!

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way toward planning the perfect tented wedding ceremony! Keep in mind that while tents provide some protection from weather and elements, they don’t guarantee it — so always have backup plans ready! 

With careful consideration and preparation ahead of time, though, having a tented wedding can be an incredibly beautiful experience, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you!

If you’re ready to plan the special wedding of your dreams, contact us today and let us help you get started planning your big day in Vermont!

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