5 Budget-Friendly Food Ideas for Your Special Event or Wedding

Planning a wedding or a special event can be expensive. One of the most expensive items on the menu? Catering. But with a few creative... Read More

Planning a wedding or a special event can be expensive. One of the most expensive items on the menu? Catering.

But with a few creative ideas, you can ensure your guests have delicious food without breaking the bank. Let’s explore some of the best low-cost food ideas for your special day.


1. Rice & Noodle-Based Dishes

Rice and noodle-based dishes are an excellent option for catering on a budget. Many cultures have affordable rice and noodle dishes that can feed a large crowd. 

For example, you can serve Mexican rice bowls or Indian biryani, which use inexpensive ingredients such as rice, beans, and vegetables. Additionally, Thai stir-fried dishes with noodles are a great option to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

2. DIY Taco or DIY Pizza Stations

DIY food stations are fun, interactive, and cost-effective. You can set up a DIY taco or pizza station where your guests can customize their tacos or pizzas according to their tastes. Plus, you can set up a toppings bar with various ingredients, and people can help themselves. Mexican or Italian-themed food stations will be a hit at get-togethers and weddings alike!

3. Brunch or Breakfast Food

Are you planning a daytime event? Why not serve brunch or breakfast foods? Breakfast foods are less expensive than dinner foods, making them an excellent option for catering on a budget. 

You could do a variety of breakfast delights, such as breakfast burritos, mini quiches, savory scones, or pancakes. These options can be served buffet-style or in platters for guests to grab.

4. Finger Foods

Finger foods or appetizers are another great way to feed your guests without breaking the bank. 

Snacks such as veggie bites, puffed pastry hors d’oeuvres, or mini sandwiches will make it easier for guests to catch up while mingling. Cheese or charcuterie boards are also a tasty option. You could present it on a board, and everyone can nibble and take pieces as they, please.

5. Dessert Buffets

No meal would be complete without dessert! Instead of splurging on an expensive cake, opt for a smaller cake and a dessert buffet. 

Fill up a table with cupcakes in assorted flavors and pies made from seasonal fruits like blueberry or apple. Or put together jars filled with colorful candy that everyone loves, such as gummy bears or licorice twists. No matter what type of sweets you decide on, this will surely be one of your event’s highlights!

Catering an event doesn’t have to be expensive; with creativity, you can easily create delicious dishes without breaking the bank. From finger food to Thai food, there are plenty of ways to serve tasty dishes that won’t break the bank at your next event or wedding reception — so get creative and enjoy! 

And don’t forget the catering tent to ensure you and your guests have plenty of space. For your next event in Vermont, contact us today and let us help you start planning your big day!